McAfee antivirus is meant to be the top-most antivirus that shields your device with harmful elements like viruses, malware, etc. Users simply have to navigate to and follow the instructions. This antivirus software has ease is best in feature and ease in using. The main target of the software is to provide the smooth functioning of your system without any kind of hindrance. However, there are multiple reasons that stop anti-virus from working. And, at this point of time, your system may become prone to viruses. But, there are effectual fixes that will bring the software into a normal state. Go through the article, to easily solve the issue.

mcafee stopped working fix

 Symptoms of McAfee stopped working/not working

Some of the possible reasons for McAfee stopped working:

  • Unable to access network resources like shared drives

  • Unexpected registry keys added

  • Unusual behavior of high CPU usage

  • Applications cease to function or files can’t be accessed

  • Internet Explorer homepage changed without permission

  • New services are added or the old one is removed

  • Increased network traffic or Bandwidth use

What are the reasons behind McAfee stopped working?

Here are few of the genuine reasons behind McAfee stopped working:

  • System drivers got corrupted

  • Crashed system hard drive

  • Major Virus attack on the device

  • Files missing from McAfee setup software

  • Accessing the outdated version of McAfee Software

  • Compatibility issue with an older version of McAfee

Effectual Steps to fix McAfee Not Opening

There will be countable ways to resolve McAfee stopped working or not opening issue. Apply the following steps given to get your issue resolved.

  1. First, try to restart the device. At times restarting can help in fixing the issue.

  2. Cross-check if by chance you are using an older version. In this case, try to update it visiting the official website

  3. Close the background process

  4. Make sure java scripts are in the working mode in your system

  5. Verify if their other antivirus is running in your system

  6. Download all important drivers whatever is missing

  7. Install all windows update because it can also be the reason of McAfee stopped working

  8. Run McAfee Virtual Technician, and automated tool that can fix various issue related to McAfee not working

  9. If nothing works then try to reinstall the McAfee software in your system

Technical Assistance Team

If you were not able to get service in the normal state immediately contact experts. The technical team is highly professional and will be able to fix your issue instantly. Therefore, you shouldn’t take much time to contact the experts. Getting the issue rectified at an early stage. The experts will bring explain to you the cause behind the issue and then guide you on the solution. Once they guide you, apply those steps accordingly as they instruct you. Users have various options to connect with professionals like live chat or via the toll-free number. Choose the mode you feel comfortable and fix your antivirus issue as soon as possible.


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